Incorporating affirmations into our daily life.

Affirmations are the practice of positive thinking, eradicating negative thought patterns and beliefs and empowering ourselves.
I love working with affirmations. I use them in my daily life constantly. You can walk to my room. bathroom and you will see affirmations posted everywhere.
I recently put one up in the kitchen about feeding my body and mind with soulful foods and thoughts and since my boys saw it daily it has become a part of their lives too. 🙂
Am happy it worked that way..the fact that it worked 🙂
Leaving affirmations around creates a sense of positivity, well-being and happiness.
Imagine waking up and seeing a post-it on your mirror saying “I Love You” Now wouldn’t that be a great start to a day?

Here’s to an awesome Sunday.
A loving, happy, Blessed day.