Share your smile

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Share your smile, share a kind word.

Spread your smile, spread a kind word. You never know how you can change a person’s day or outlook to life or just mood by a kind smile.

You do have a beautiful smile.. So please do share it 🙂 img_4998

Time in Nature 

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Just spent the last four days in the mountains, in the Nilgiris ( Tea gardens ) 

  Every time I spend time out in nature it just has a completely different impact on me. I feel happy, open, joyful, grounded.. And so much more. It’s meditative and calming, I find. Waking up in the morning and listening to my chants, hearing the birds, the rain, the thunder is so much more invigorating 😊 

Have you ever noticed the number of different greens – the types of green? 

I just feel so happy and rejuvenated and looking forward to creating, sharing and learning so much more.  

A Place to share your Gratitude.

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We wake up daily with so many things on our minds. So much to do, complete, achieve…
In the process often we lose that connection with ourselves.

We sat often in groups and have chanted and chatted and shared a lot. One morning i thought everybody seems to wake up or at some point during the day seems to get onto either Facebook or some other form of social media to connect with what’s happening in the world.


So I decided to start a group to Thank the Universe for something personal. Why are we so scared to share something so personal and profound – we can share what we do, what we eat, where we eat,what we wear, where we go…
So why not something we are Grateful for too.

We often share our emotions via photographs or links we see. But No! Here we are only allowed to share what we feel, straight from our hearts.


Please do join us in this wonderful group 🙂 It is a closed group But just ask and I will add You on.

Looking forward to a lot of sharing.

With love and GRATITUDE 🙂


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What is your favourite thing to do on a Sunday?
Anything special you can share?
Have a Superb Sunday and looking forward to lots of sharing 🙂