Let the past be lessons.. no regrets

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Let the errors of the past be lessons for the future. 

A quick short meditation to release and uplift ( Breathe and Affirm series )

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This is a short and quick (5 minutes ) meditation form the “Breathe and Affirm” series.
A short, quick meditation to release anything no longer helping us and inviting love and positivity into our lives.

Hope You enjoy it

Just let go and Have some fun

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Every once in a while don’t we all need to just to stop worrying, stop thinking and Just let go? What stops us from doing this? Is it just our our thought process or the pattern we are so used to living?

Letting go and taking some time to have some fun in our lives is so vital but sadly it is something that we often tend to forget.

When I do let go and decide to have some fun and not take life so seriously I have personally noticed that – WOW Life is amazing.

We are all so blessed and need to be grateful for all that we have and not look at that which we do not have.

So Let’s make it our mantra to make sure that every so often we

Stop worrying

Stop thinking

And just Let Go

Let’s have some fun

and YES It will be worth it for sure.

Take care, Enjoy and be blessed.

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Feel the courage to let go of what you can’t change.

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Are you willing to find your happiness by letting go of all that you cannot change?
It is our choice and only ours. There is no particular time to let go. Now is the time- the time to let go, be peaceful and find the peace that you are looking for. 🙏🙏

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