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Enjoying and Being – Mind Body Spirit Festival

The last 2 days at the Mind, Body, Spirit exhibition have been absolutely wonderful.

You get home every evening recharged..full of energy, new learnings, new insights and just uplifted. The energy there is so wonderful. You start a meditation and just dont want to get out of it.

I have attended talks by Robert Holden, Becky Walsh, Tim Van Der Vliet and each one has been more Inspiring.

If you have never heard or read any of Tim’s wisdom just google him. He is a simple, down to earth, uplifting, fun, amazing and intelligent speaker. Had a lot of fun in each of the talks. Will definitely share more once the whole festival is over.

If you do go make sure you go to the Organic Food stall for a smoothie, salad, Kale chips, brownie anything. It’s really amazing.

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My Blogs

Mind, Body, Spirit Exhibition

Am off for the Mind, Body, Spirit Exhibition and am looking forward to it.

Today I am attending a talk by

#Gordon Smith

Tuning into your Spirit Guide & Learning to work at a Higher Level of Self Awareness


#Becky Walsh

You Do Know: Learning to Act on Your Intuition Instantly

Will come back and share the learning and experiences with You’ll 🙂

Feel blessed to have the opportunity to go for these types of events 🙂