Angel blessings 

Am sending you all Angel blessings for this weekend. With the eclipse on monday the 21st of august the energies are very tense. This a perfect time to call upon your Angels and ask them to bless and protect you against any harsh energies. 

Just ask and your Angels are there to listen to you.. You can call upon a specific Angel or just call upon the archangels.. they can hear you irrespective.. 

Here is a list, if you like , of some of the Archangels one can call upon:

: Archangel Micheal for protection 

: Archangel Raphael for healing on all levels 

: Archangel Gabriel for inner strength 

: Archangel Ariel for protection from negativity 

: Archangel Uriel for wisdom and light 

: Archangel Zadkiel to help you with resolutions and forgiveness… 

there are so many more Archangels one can call upon. There are also your own Guardian Angels you can call upon. 


Online courses


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Clearing, cleansing and balancing energies 🙂


Angel Card for the week, CARD FOR THIS WEEK

Angel card for the week beginning 15th June

The Wheel – Archangel Michael



This card reflects a time of positive change. You are the master weaver of the web of your life! Owning your own power from a place of balance, all the elements and energies are working together at this time to support you. This card reflects change and moving through change. As the energies of the planet are increasing in vibration, much is coming to the surface, being broken up and let go. As we let go of what is no longer needed, grasp the connections, the concepts, Truths and wisdom of the universe and the Divine, our own energies move closer to true alignment with our own Divinity and perfection.

The number 10 is traditionally aligned with endings and new beginnings, fulfillment and new destinations.The wheel symbolises the zero of number 10, the actions we have done and the actions we are yet to do.  The wheel has a handle and we are free to turn it as we please.

Things will move forward quickly and this card points to each of us being aware, present and engaged in our own growth, desires and destinations on all levels – physical, spiritual and emotional. So now is the time to plant the seeds, sow that dream, wish, change, plan, new venture as we let go of the old patterns, behaviors, goals, etc. that have not served us.

This week’s card for the week is  from the Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

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Angel Card for the weekend 12th – 14th June

There’s Nothing to Worry About

The angels send this card to you because you’ve been needlessly worrying. Worry is a form of prayer that draws to you that which you do not desire. Release your worries to your angels, as there truly is nothing to worry about. In fact, your worries could create a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Additional meanings for this card: Everything’s much better than you imagine • Ask the angels to release you from worry • A happy outcome is inevitable • Avoid worrying, lest the negative emotions pull you and the situation down • The angels are with you, and everything’s okay.

So let’s not take any any unnecessary worry onto ourselves and instead Let go, believe, trust, have faith and

Angel Card for the week

Angel Card for the week beginning June 7th

Kwan Yin


From the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards ( Doreen Virtue )

“If you don’t love yourself, you cannot love others. You will not be able to love others. If you have no compassion for yourself then you are not able of develop compassion for others.” His Holiness The Dalai Lama


This card is inviting you to feel the presence of Kuan Yin (also known as Avalokitehvara) in your life and in your actions today. Buddhists all over the world honor her as the face of compassion and see her as a protectoress. The Bodhisattva Kuan Yin is closely associated with the Heart Sutra. This Sutra is a truly beautiful and powerful prayer. A prayer chanted to release all sentient beings from suffering of any kind. Monastics and Lay Buddhists chant it daily. His Holiness The Dalai Lama will often instruct his Monks to repeat it 100 times over, sometimes more, when a catastrophic event takes place in the world. It is said Kuan Yin returned from the Pure Land to the earthly realm to relieve suffering.


She is here today to remind you to be kind to yourself. It is a time to release all harsh judgments you have made about yourself and others.

A time to release all feelings of guilt and shame. It is a time to focus on the love and light that is within you – your Buddha nature for we are all Bodhisattvas’.


May Angel Tarot Horoscope


( using the “Angel Answers” Tarot deck so think of a question or situation and then read your horoscope)




ARIES – Big, Positive changes are coming into your life. You may find yourself on a new career path, new relationship, new home or city. Embrace these changes and remember that you are being supported. Trust that all opportunities are meant to bring you happiness.

TAURUS – Your angels have a specific answer to your question. Expect to see signs that have deep meanings. Signs require focused attention, so be awake to the possibilities. Don’t mistake synchronistic events for mere ‘coincidences’ at this time. They are messages designed especially for You. Be aware of what you see, hear, smell et al..


GEMINI – Forgiveness can work miracles. When you release the past, a weight is lifted from your shoulders, and a sense of freedom washes over. Ask for help to let go of sadness or pain so that you can be free! You could also be working on self-forgiveness. Let go of any guilt regarding the past. Focus on the positive changes and the future.


CANCER – You need to take matters into your own hands! Get clear on your personal feelings and then pursue the fulfillment of your desires with courage and self-confidence. Ask for what you need and do not water down your request. Remember that seeing to your own need is nothing to apologize for! Set boundaries.


LEO – In order for you to make a wise decision you need to gather some more information regarding this situation. Solicit advice from those who have more knowledge on this topic. Maybe you have friends and family in your midst who have insight into the matter. You need to read, research ..and expand your knowledge on this.


VIRGO – Your situation requires a little patience. You angels are not saying “no”, they are saying “not yet” A little more time is needed to make all the pieces fall together. This could also affect others lives. Be patient so that all who are involved can have the experiences they are meant to have.




LIBRA – Things may look a bit difficult right now but the situation is going to improve. It may take some time and there will be some hard work ahead of you. Take heart and do not give up on any relationships. Continue working towards relationships where you are all fulfilled and happy in the future.


SCORPIO – Congratulations! You are on the road to success. Don’t have any reservations ( about your particular situation ) as it’s going to work out beautifully. Part of living a successful life is taking care of yourself. It’s wonderful having a lot to be grateful for but don’t wear yourself down. Take time to enjoy peace in your life.


SAGGITARIUS – Great abundance will find its way into your life. Your plans will yield prosperity, providing a sense of security about the future. Abundance is not always financial – it could be manifesting new ideas, friends, vibrant health, love.. Take the actions to manifest your dreams. Open your arms and receive with gratitude all that you desire.


 CAPRICORN – Either the person you are asking about or your own health is going to improve. You need to make a few healthful choices in your life. Do you feel the need to detox? Removing all unhealthy practices from your life will make you feel vibrant and strong.

AQUARIUS – You have been asking and waiting for something big. The Angels want you to know that this will happen within a year. During this period you must stay positive, continue with self-care activities and other preparations for your desire. Remember that other peoples freewill choices are involved. The angels are working behind the scenes for You.

 PISCES – It is not necessary to do everything on your own. Reach out to those around you and let others lend you a hand. This increases your chance for success and your plans move forward. The stress of doing too much can create both physical and emotional health challenges. Surround yourself with those helping you lighten your load.

Monthly Horoscope

Angel Tarot – Horoscope for March

“ Angels love everyone unconditionally. They look past the surface and see the godliness within us all. They focus only on our Divinity and potential, and not on our “faults.” So angels aren’t judgmental, and they only bring love into our lives. You’re safe with the angels, and you can totally trust them. “

MAKE IT HAPPEN – the international women’s day theme.

Every Year, every month, and every day we tell ourselves that we want some changes in our lives.

This Year the Angels are asking You

“Are You ready to make it happen? “


Aries :. Aries, Fresh organic fruits and vegetables give you a boost of high life-force energy, which elevates your spiritual frequency. Your Angels are asking You to honor your body and your Spiritual path by only ingesting high-vibrating foods and beverages. As you eat more of these foods you will experience more clarity and increased sensitivity to energy. Be sure to call upon your Angels if You need any help during this phase of your life.

Action Steps: Lie down or sot in a quiet location and say:
“ Archangel Raphael, I call upon you now. I ask that you adjust my appetite and cravings so they are completely focused on healthful foods and beverages. I am now willing to release any attachments to unhealthful substances. Please guide my dietary choices so they are pure, high vibrating, and filled with Divine life-force energy”

Taurus: The Angels are telling You Dear Taurus to honor and respect your deep sensitivity, as it is a gift to all of us. You are being reassured of the positive qualities within your gift of sensitivity. You are one who will accurately know whether or not a new acquaintance is trustworthy. You need to trust this feeling more often and tap into that energy. You are a peaceful person by nature so call upon the Angels this month to steer You towards peace loving people and keep all others away from You. Surround yourself with gentleness in all areas of your life.

Action Steps: Live plants are of the Angels favourite tools to clear away any physical and emotional toxins. Today put a live potted plant near your bed so that tonight its energy can clear and transmute anything you may have absorbed. Just as plant transforms toxic carbon into breathable carbon, it will also transform fear energy, so you’ll sleep peacefully and wake up refreshed. Take care of this plant and call upon the fairies for help with this.

Gemini: My Dear Gemini. The Angels are asking you to align your actions so that they match your values and inner knowingness of what’s right for You. You have been asking some questions about increasing your happiness and this card comes in response to that. The Angels say that engaging in activities that you feel guilty or ashamed about erode your self-confidence and self-esteem. Conversely, You can feel great about yourself by only doing that which you feel is right. The Angels can help you change or heal relationships so you can bring your entire life into alignment with your inner truth.

Action Step : Lie down and allow your imagination to roam ( like daydreaming ) Instruct your mind, heart and soul to show you a mental movie of your living life at it’s highest and healthiest level. Notice how you feel.
Then say
“Archangel Michael I ask that you help me arrange my life and daily activities so I’m fully immersed and engage in actions that reflect my higher self. Please help me let go of any behaviours, habits, or actions that have given me any guilt or shame in the past.; and replace them with actions I feel good about “

Cancer: You my Dear Cancer friends are getting the same message as our Aries friends. Fresh organic fruits and vegetables give you a boost of high life-force energy, which elevates your spiritual frequency. Your Angels are asking You to honor your body and your Spiritual path by only ingesting high-vibrating foods and beverages. As you eat more of these foods you will experience more clarity and increased sensitivity to energy. Be sure to call upon your Angels if You need any help during this phase of your life.

Action Steps: Lie down or sot in a quiet location and say:
“ Archangel Raphael, I call upon You now. I ask that you adjust my appetite and cravings so they are completely focused on healthful foods and beverages. I am now willing to release any attachments to unhealthful substances. Please guide my dietary choices so they are pure, high vibrating, and filled with Divine life-force energy”

Leo: This card comes to you because the angels want to help you feel comfortable with your spiritual power. Divine power flows through you when you hold the intention to do whatever your heart desires. This is not a personal or ego driven force, so it is safe for you to feel this power. When you intend to use this power in the service of love, you experience harmony in all your activities. So get comfortable and allow this power to steadily and evenly flow through you.

Actions Steps: Tightness in your stomach means that you are experiencing a power struggle; either that someone is trying to control you or you are confused about your own power. The next time you feel this say “Archangel Michael, please help me step into my divine power with grace and gratitude.”
Notice yourself and the situation easing into a win-win solution.

Virgo: It is safe for you to be powerful and take charge of your life in positive days, Dear Virgo. This card has come to You as the angels wish to help you with issues concerning power and control. The fact is that you are powerful, it does not matter whether you feel it or if you if you are afraid of your inner might.
It is absolutely safe for you to use your power in loving ways. The angels will not allow you to abuse it. Just remember that power does not equate aggression; it simply means being completely authentic to yourself and others. You also need to remember that no one is controlling you, or can control you without your permission.

Action Steps: Relax and focus on your solar plexus ( behind your belly button ) and say: Archangel Michael, I call upon You now. Please cut any cords of fear from my solar plexus to anyone whom I’ve given my power away to. Please give me the courage to take responsibility for every aspect of my life”

Libra: Dear Libra, You are highly sensitive to chemicals, additives, processed foods, and energies right now. Respect your sensitivity by avoiding harsh items, situations and relationships. You need to understand your body’s profound sensitivity. You may experience confusion on how to deal with overwhelming situations and try to self medicate or try other substances to shield yourself from harsh energies. This card is asking you to deal with your sensitivities in a healthier way. The angels want to help you detox yourself from chemicals and processed foods. They also want to lead you away from disagreeable situations and relationships, so allow these changes to occur.

Action steps; Relax in a quiet location and say “Archangel Raphael and Michael, please come to me. I ask that you detoxify my mental, energetic and physical body right now” Feel the different sensations in your body and then say: “Thank You Archangels for this assistance. Please help me stay grounded, and shielded with divine love and light”

Scorpio: Dearest Scorpio. Pay attention as your body is receiving accurate messages from the divine. Your angels want you to know that you are receiving divine messages even when you are not noticing them. These are coming from your physical and emotional senses, as your body is extremely sensitive to subtle energies. Sometimes you may not understand your feelings, yet they do have accurate, underlying wisdom. You have received this card as you have asked a question and your body has answered through feelings. You are urged to trust your feelings, and act upon them without delay. Ask your Angels to guide and protect you through your sensations so you can understand these messages more clearly.

Action Steps: Notice any tension in your body. Close your eyes and imagine having a conversation with this tense muscle group. Why are you tense? Listen for the answer which will come as a thought, feeling, words or even a vision. Your body tells you how you are reacting to your job, relationships, friends..
Trust your body’s truthful wisdom!

Sagittarius: Dear Sagittarius, this card indicates that you have a strong connection with one or more ascended masters (Ganesh, Mother Mary, Jesus, and Quan Yin and others), who are helping you with the situation you’ve inquired about. They are powerful teachers and healers who once walked the earth. You don’t have to be a religious person to warrant an ascended masters attention. The only qualification is a sincere and pure desire to work with a deity for the betterment of humanity and the planet. The first ascended master who comes to your thoughts are the beings that are helping you.

Action Steps: Think of the first ascended master that comes to your mind and hold a mental image of his or her painting. Stay quiet and notice any feelings, pressure change, warmth as you tune into their prescence. Send pure love from your heart to the masters and feel the love return hundredfold.

Capricorn: Express yourself Dear Capricorns and awaken your psychic senses through the magical power of music and movement. The angels see the need for creative expression and balance of work and play. Singing and dancing are powerful ways to open your creative channels and feel the freedom of fully expressing yourself. You can boost your self confidence with these activities, realize hidden talents and also gain a greater sense of divinity within yourself. Many women discover their inner goddess through belly dancing or hula dance.

Action steps: Turn down the lights in a room where no one can disturb you and turn on your favorite music. Sway to the music in any way you like. Let your body lead the dance, don’t think about the movements. Sing and enjoy ☺

Aquarius: Cancel, Clear, Delete. Use only positive words and thoughts, as they’re rapidly manifesting into form. Ask the angels to cancel the effects of past negative thinking. Have you been complaining or worrying too much lately? This card indicates that You have been using negative affirmations to describe yourself and your situations. Be more aware of what you say, think and write about yourself. Your past choice of words has blocked you but the moment you choose positive words the barrier is removed. Caffeine, nicotine, sugar are some of the stimulants that cause your mind to race with worry.

Action steps: If you catch yourself saying something negative, stop and sweep your hand at the wrist in order to push the energy of your words away from you. Say cancel, clear, delete to undo these effects.

Pisces: It is absolutely safe for you to see the energy of love in all of its forms, such as angels, auras and visions. You are having visions about your future and are wondering whether these are real or your imagination. You have natural clairvoyant tendencies. The angels assure you that you are having accurate insights. Be aware of all the clairvoyant messages you receive via shapes,colors, dreams, recurring numbers, songs etc. Be aware of signs, symbols, coins, feathers.. these are all messages. Notice and trust all you see with your inner and outer vision.

Action steps: Sit quietly and say “Archange; Raphael and the Angels of Clairvoyance I call upon you now to surround you’re my head with your healing energy. Please clear my third eye of any old fear energies. Entities, or other blocks or intrusions” Inhale and Exhale deeply.