Online courses





Did you know that changing the energy of the environment around You can be enough to accelerate a deep healing process?

In this online or one on one workshop we will learn a few simple methods to
– cleanse and purify our home environment and other places we visit
– cleanse our physical and emotional bodies
– learn how to protect ourselves from negative influences
– understand how to notice imbalances in our chakras and understand how to balance them..
And a lot more

This can be done one on one in two 1 hour sessions or a single 2 hour session.

If done in a group we can do it over a 4 hour session too.

The cost for this will depend on which option You choose

Please contact me for further details on or




Understanding the basics about chakras and how they affect us.  Herbs, Oils, Crystals related to specific chakras.

Understanding and learning Mudras for each chakra and exercises to balance our Chakras.

We will also work with specific Chakra Affirmations.

Please do contact me for further details.




Understanding what cords are, different types of cords and  Learning how to cut them.



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