Bach Flower Remedies and Depression

A lot of people have been asking about how Bach Flower remedies help with Depression. So here is a little explanation on this.

Bach Flower therapy is a holistic approach to treating emotional disturbances by using infusions of flowers. The author of “Flowers that Heal,” Patricia Kaminski, writes in her book that “our own souls can find communion and expression through flowers.” When flower remedies are chosen carefully, mindful of the particular characteristics of the individual and the emotional situation being experienced, healing on a deep level can be triggered. Even people suffering from depression can benefit from the healing power of flowers. There are many flower essences appropriate for dealing with depression.

Pine, is used by flower essence practitioners to re-balance negative emotions of guilt and self-criticism. People who may benefit from pine may become easily depressed by their own shortcomings and are often self-sacrificing. A depressed person may respond to pine by experiencing greater self-acceptance and may realize personal failures or mistakes are simply part of human nature.

Sweet chestnut, can be used for people who are at their deepest level of despair. Dr. Bach, the founder of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies, explains that a few drops of this flower essence may begin to relieve feelings of depression and may enable the sufferer to face despair with a sense of hope and a feeling of calmness.

Mustard, is another essence used for deep despair, but unlike sweet chestnut, it is for people whose depression appears suddenly and arises from an unknown source. A generalized feeling of melancholia may be lifted by a few drops of the flower essence of mustard in a glass of water sipped throughout the day.

Hornbeam, is thought to be useful for depression that makes life’s day-to-day challenges difficult to face. Hornbeam may alleviate mental fatigue or weariness that strikes in the morning and predisposes the individual to project that the day’s activities will be too exhausting to attend to. An inner sense of stamina is needed in order to endure, and people who are likely to respond best to hornbeam are those who are suffering from the burden of monotonous tasks and who feel especially overburdened by daily demands.

Gentian, is one of the Bach flower essences that has been found to be useful for individuals who need encouragement to persevere in adversity. People who may respond best to gentian, according to Dr. Bach, are those who easily become discouraged and depressed when “things go wrong.” After treatment, there can be a greater sense of trust and belief, and people are more likely to have faith that things will improve regardless of life’s inevitable disappointments.

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