Eucalyptus Oil

This is one of the most useful and versatile oils to have with You.

It is also a great Purifier of energies


Eucalyptus essential oil has many healing properties and helps with the balancing of many chakras ( depending on what You need )

Sacral Chakra (second chakra) – Eucalyptus is great for use in healing lower backaches and sciatica so it makes this essential oil perfect for use in balancing the sacral chakra.

Heart Chakra (fourth chakra) – With its use in helping upper respiratory issues, it makes for a great essential oil to use on the heart chakra. It can be used to help release tightness, allowing emotional issues and physical pains to disperse.

Throat Chakra (fifth chakra) – You can help to balance your throat chakra by using Eucalyptus essential oil when you notice symptoms having to do with a sore throat or vocal cords. It helps to open the flow of communication!

Third-Eye (sixth chakra) – Sinus and nasal congestion effects the third eye’s ability to function properly, so using Eucalyptus essential oil in an inhalant (such as steam, diffuser, or pocket aromatherapy inhalers) greatly increases the functionality of the third eye by removing the congestion from your sinuses.

Inflammation/Overexercised Muscles/Pain/Tennis Elbow/ Arthritis/Rheumatism – massage 1-2 drops over the area of concern, always massaging towards the heart to support the lymphatic system.

Helps to bring relationships into the light, including with ourselves, to others, our work, and the divine.

According to Modern Essentials, the properties of eucalyptus essential oil also include:


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