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Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru – to bring miracles into your life.

This Sikh prayer or shabd is in praise of Guru Ram Das who is able to manifest miracles. This shabd is chanted to bring miracles into your life.

  • Complete Mantra:Dhan dhan raam daas gur jin siri-aa tinai savaari-aa
    Pooree hoee karaamaat aap sirajanhaarai dhaari-aa
    Sikhee atai sangatee paarbrahm kar namasakaari-aa
    Atal athaa-o atol too tayraa ant na paaraavaari-aa
    Jinee too sayvi-aa bhaa-o kar say tudh paar utaari-aa
    Lab lobh kaam krodh mo maar kadhay tudh saparvaari-aa
    Dhan so tayraa thaan hai sach tayraa paisakaari-aa
    Naanak too lehanaa toohai gur amar too veechaari-aa
    Gur dithaa taa man saadhaari-aa
  • Language: Gurmukhi
    Source: Siri Guru Granth Sahib
  • Translation:Blessed, blessed is Guru Ram Das; the One who created You has also exalted You.
    Perfect is Your miracle; the Creator has installed You on a throne.
    Sikhs as well as all Conscious people recognize You because you manifest the Creator.
    You are unchanging, unfathomable and immeasurable; You have no end or limitation.
    You are unchanging, unfathomable and immeasurable;
    Those who serve You with love are carried across the sea of existence.
    The five obstacles of lust, anger, greed, pride and attachment:
    You have beaten them and driven them out.
    Blessed is Your realm, and True is Your magnificent glory.
    You are Nanak, You are Angad, and You are Amar Daas;
    When I recognize You, my soul is comforted.
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A Blessing Tray


Thought I would share with You a Blessing Altar I had created.
A singing bowl which I rang around the rooms inviting in Blessings for all family members. Followed that with a Soft chime from the Tingshas. Amethyst hearts going into the rooms as this home was for a couple only. The lavender candle and orchids adding to all of this.
I also used an Aura-soma AA Metatron spray for blessings.

Angel Card for the week

Your Angel card for this week. ” Count Your Blessings “

“It was my absolute dream to create a deck that would reintroduce the angels and archangels in a modern way.”– Kyle Gray




As you count your blessings, you become a magnet to even more blessings! The Angels are encouraging you to see the blessings in your life at this point and any situation you are looking at.

It is important to keep yourself focused and aligned with all the loving experiences in your life, as this will lead you safely to the next step. Its important realise what you have in your life.

Focusing on what you have helps you stay present, focused and open to the abundance that there available is for you.

Start writing down your blessings. Start a gratitude journal. And Feel Blessed.

The Angel Prayers Oracle deck is a powerful spiritual tool that allows you to tap into the profound wisdom and healing support of the angels in a way that will feel real and positive. Using bright, modern imagery together with traditional symbolism, this exciting deck is full of loving messages from the angels, archangels and even the Divine Mother and Divine Father. Each card also offers you a powerful affirmative prayer that will help you to resolve specific situations in your life for the highest good.

Your angels have been with you throughout your life and they understand the challenging situations of your past. They will help you release all that you no longer need so that you can find the peace and harmony you deserve in this present moment. You and your guides will eventually create your own language, and your deck will become your friend and your very own spiritual support system.

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My Altar I created for healing and love.

Here is a photo of my Altar I created today.
I have a Buddha, Kwan Yin, Ganesh and My Angels on this table.
Some sage and my Tibetan bowl which I will use for cleansing. The white lilies for Purity  There is some fresh Lavender and a Lavender Candle. There is also a Turquoise there. ( A strengthening stone and an effective healer ) A crystal quartz wand for clearing too.My Altar

I pulled 4 stones Angel, Protection, Peace and Smile and I am so grateful for this. Just wanted to share this with You’ll.
Thank You and Namaste

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