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Colours and how they affect us.

Have you ever realised how colours affect us in so many different ways? 

This one photograph is about how colour can affect our moods in all areas of our lives.

But it’s not only the colours we wear – it’s also the colours we see, ingest, get attracted to, do not enjoy which tell us so much about ourselves and what is happening with us at that particular point in our lives. 

We all know that colours and our Chakras are connected so even if you feel at some point that You do not want to wear ( for e.g. ) Green or eat any green foods etc. there is some work to be done on your heart chakra.

Colour affects our bodies in very specific ways.It is actually active, moving energy so affects us on a vibrational level. So if we have too much red in our body this affects our root chakra and we tend to get very angry.

Balancing ourselves with colour is actually a simple, holistic and fun way to keep ourselves happy, healthy and have a wonderful outlook to Life.

This is just a simple understanding of colours – If you need some more information You can always contact me for a simple online course.

Thank You

With Love and Gratitude to all.

Have a wonderfully colourful day 🙂


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