A wonderful quote by Ramana Maharishi

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Let what comes, come
Let what goes, go
Why do you worry?

Sounds so easy right? What is it that makes us worry? Is it fear, ego, love?
Letting go is the basic lesson for all of us on our Spiritual journeys. Letting go releases stress, worry and calms the mind.

Meditation, chanting, pranayama, walks in nature and just being are some of the methods that really help me letting go.
Another one I do tend to use often is Journaling.

Are there any methods that you could share that work for You?

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One thought on “A wonderful quote by Ramana Maharishi

    Vivien E. Zazzau said:
    July 28, 2014 at 7:20 am

    I’ve experienced a great deal of change in the past two years, and learned to meditate on impermanence and remind myself not to take change/anicca/impermanence personally. It’s so easy to think that “I” am the only one suffering or inconvenienced when yet another “comfort zone” is anihilated!


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